Death Note 1 (2006) Movie English Subbed Watch Online

Death Note 1 (2006) Movie English Subbed

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Death Note 1 (2006) Movie subbed, Watch Death Note English subbed 1 (2006) Movie Episode 1 Online, Death Note 1 (2006) Movie Episode 1 Part 1 English subbed Online. Top favorite ranked Japanese most watched anime, Death Note Anime 1 (2006) Movie in English dubbed Download HD quality full. You can easily watch full episodes of Death Note Anime.

This movie lacks the quite background music when Light talks and the one when he kills and a lot of backgrounds when he says something interesting or plan succeed + Light’s enthusiastic voice when he’s challenging someone and the voice tone itself and the most important, his very evil smile at times and laugh and the things he say when people challenge him. Light in this movie doesn’t feel natural like the real Light.Light in this movie doesn’t feel natural like the real Light. I mean in the anima/manga version he was way cooler & colder with two sides in him, one for public, one for himself and people cooperating with him, but in this movie I really cannot differentiate between the two sides or maybe there was only one. Ryuk’s mouth is not synced well with what he says, also his eyes are different, they should be yellow with red pupil including some details of his face needs re-work.

Death Note 1 2006 Movie English Subbed

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