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Death Note Episode 24 English Dubbed

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After a long and suspenseful prologue, “Death Note” returns with a brutal, bloody episode. Light Yagami (Kamisama Hajime) wakes up from a coma to find that he has been granted the power of death by Ryuk (Yusuke Mikami). With Kaji (Ryosuke Akutsu) by his side, Light must fight against the evil god in order to save the people of the world.

This season is chock-full of action, suspense, and gore. The writers have done an excellent job in making sure that no one tissue is left unturned. The main character has undergone a lot of development this season, and it’s great to see him grow as a character. He’s not just a17-year-old killing machine anymore; he’s a hardened criminal who is fighting for justice. There are also some great supporting characters this season, like L (Ryuusei Kitano), who is MI5’s top detective. It’s thrilling to see these characters go through their own development and arcs.

One downside to this season is that there are so many scenes with violence and gore. While it does add to the excitement and suspense of the show, it can sometimes be overwhelming for viewers new to death note. In addition, some episodes feel too short; for example, episode 24 feels like it could have been longer.

Death Note Episode 24 English Dubbed

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