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Death Note Episode 34 English Dubbed

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It’s no secret that Death Note is one of the most popular anime series in history. And even though the manga and anime adaptations have been released in multiple languages, English is finally getting its own season!

Death Note Season 1 starts out where the manga and anime left off: with Light Yagami trying to find a way to stop Ryuk from killing people. Unfortunately for Light, he gets sucked into Ryuk’s world and starts making mistakes.

One of the main themes of Season 1 is how people can use their power for good or bad. For example, Light’s classmate Misa is interesting because she doesn’t always follow the rules set by her school or society. She instead uses her knowledge to help others. Similarly, Kira is similar to Light in that he tries to do what is best for himself first and foremost. He also makes mistakes, which makes him more human than some other characters in the show.

The show also follows Light’s fight against L, a Detective who is just as smart as Light but has a darker side. L wants to clean up the world by killing all of the evil beings in it, but he’s hindered by his own guilt. The battle between Light and L is intense and often thrilling to watch. It’s also worth noting that Death Note Season 1 features a new character: L’s subordinate Kemuriya. Kemuriya is a great addition to the show because she isn’t just someone who does what L tells her.

Death Note Episode 34 English Dubbed

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